Edge of the Sea

Edge of the Sea inviteNew exhibition going up this week – my first selling one – at Hangar Framing & Art, Fenton Barns, North Berwick, EH39 5BW.

Show will include original pressings and new giclee prints of lovely lacy Rhodophyta and some big green kelps.

Please come along and join me at the opening on Sat, 3rd Oct, 12-4pm to see the show and have a glass of wine.

Final weekend of Sea Flora Exhibition

Photo by Serge Jak

Photo by Serge Jak

This weekend marks the end of my first exhibition at the Gateway Gallery of the RBGE. Many thanks to all at the Botanics, especially curator Kirsty White, who have made this show such a success.  A big thank you too to Kate Eden for joining me in our talk on Victorian seaweed collectors on the 13 June, to BBC Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme for their support, and to all those who came along to see the show and wrote lovely comments in the guest book.

Many of the pressings both on paper and in acrylic are now for sale – if you are interested, please send me an email through the Contact page.

Sea Flora acrylics - photo by Serge Jak

Sea Flora acrylics – photo by Serge Jak